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In Loving Memory of Skip B. Tyson

Our family affirmed Skip, a three week old Bishon Frisé as our family member to accompany our 3 year daughter as she grew up. 


Skip’s parents were both show dogs. Skip provided us with many years of love, wet nose and sloppy kisses. He loved LOVED LOVED human food. We feed him only top of the line organic dog kibbles and apples and carrots and fresh smoked bones.  On special occasions you would find out who his favorite house guests were - those who would sneak him food because he would not leave their side. It was usually Grandma Paulla and his Aunt Monica. 


Skip was very spoiled; bags and blankets with his name embroidered on them. He was adorned in the most handsome sweaters, visited the groomers often (hated his teeth brushed), slept in the bed and was allowed on the sofa - until he got his own.  


I trained Skip with food but never made it a practice to feed him ‘people food’ or whole meals because I wanted him to live forever!  I love him so much. He would always sneak food. He was good at that. 


Skip would be very proud of what I have accomplished in creating The Beastro. Skip was a naughty boy from time to time, but I am sure he is in doggy heaven  asking; “What took you so long - I’ve been telling you fur years how much us dogs love people food!” He would be my first taste taster and best customer, just like he was my best friend. 


Skip lives for 15 long years. I know he would want to provide humans who love their dogs with the opportunity to show them just how special they are by making sure you give your dogs the best of human grade foods they should eat. Bone Appetite!


- Jessica Ann Tyson, Owner and Creator of The Beastro 


Beastro offers dogs and their humans the opportunity to curate healthy human grade, quality fresh canine cuisine in a bowl. Bone Appetite!

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